updated at 03:50pm on 12/06/2019

by Anonymous gave New Cross Health Centre a rating of 5 stars

One doctor alone is worth going to this surgery

I am a gay male who has been going to this surgery since moving to the area in 2015. I have seen a number of doctors and nurses at this surgery. On the whole they have been pleasant enough. On the odd occasion I have felt judged or uneasy by a doctor's discomfort with talking about LGBT health matters. Never with one particular doctor, which is why I'm writing this review.

The care provided by this doctor has been exemplary. I have found her to be caring and knowledgeable. She does not leave her humanity at the door and take on a soulless robot doctor persona. She is assertive, blunt, and at times has funny, which I appreciate. When I go to the doctor, I'm talking about my health and this doctor has always made me feel comfortable, not judged in any way, and I specifically appreciate her competency in working with LGBT patients. I hope would-be LGBT patients read this and know that you are safe in the care of this doctor.

Visited in February 2019, Posted on 22 February 2019

by Torrick gave New Cross Health Centre a rating of 5 stars

Medication review

Contacted at an agreed time to discuss my repeat medication. A new way of doing this by a qualified pharmacist. The Pharmacist took me through my medication ensuring I knew what I was taking and why. I feel I was in safe hands. I thought pharmacists deal with prescriptions all the time. I was able to ask questions and unlike when this is done by my GP there was not the same time pressure of an appointment slot. We agreed a reduction in one of my medications as the reason why it was prescribed (many years ago) may no longer be a problem. Agreed a review period to see how i got on with the reduction. Great new way of having a medication review. Well done Surgery.

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 31 October 2018